Mentoring at POINT

Gaining the support of a volunteer mentor from POINT means young people get one to one time from a trained and dedicated volunteer who has a young person’s  interests at the heart of the time they spend with our organisation.

Mentors are people from the community who come from all sorts of backgrounds and hold all sorts of interests and skills. Some have worked with young people before- some have not but one thing is certain, they were all young people themselves once.

Mentor Profiles


Anna is a workplace well being champion with a wide interest in many areas.


Aelwen is an artistic person who has lots of creative knowledge. She enjoys organising parties and being outdoors.


Alex is a quiet person interested in Personal Growth, Art, Maths and Construction.


Lorraine is experienced in supporting people with employ-ability skills.


Chris is keen to support a young person who might benefit from one to one but less frequent support, perhaps via Skype.


Jeni is keen to empower young people and instill self belief in their capability.


Steve is calm / patient. Likes to apply structure but is flexible to change.


Moya has a friendly and happy disposition, and can provide a reliable listening ear to young people.


I love to cook and have good company to chat with. I enjoy exchanging skills and ideas.


Roxy is an active person who like to be busy. She can read music and plays in Goodwick Brass Band.

Out of Hours Support