POINT on YOUR doorstep!

As seen in the Western Telegraph!

POINT Youth Centre in Fishguard has been going out and about during lockdown as part of the Point on Your Doorstep project.

The centre’s youth workers have been visiting our young people on their doorsteps for a chat and catch up s part of the project.

On the first visit, the young people receive an activity pack which included, word searches, cards and a card game sheet, sudoku, outdoor games, wild flower seeds, colouring pages and some mindfulness books.

During July the centre started a food project called This Food’s on….Point where youth workers brought young people a bag of ingredients and a recipe of the week during their visits.

All the food was free of charge and included at least two of their five a day. As part of this scheme, the young people were also given a slow cooker to keep if they didn’t already have one. Over the six weeks the food project ran, it gave out 120 food packages.

Youth workers also took some young people out on socially-distanced walks as part of the doorstep visits.

” These walks were a lovely way to interact with the young people and when lockdown was still severe,” said Point’s drop-in manager Kate-Marie Mitchell. “Occasionally they were the only time that the young people had ventured out.”

Young people have also been encouraged to sign up to the centre’s Race at your Pace competition. Young people download the strava app and join the Point group – on here they can log all their walks / runs or bike rides cycles. Whoever has completed the most gets an official race at your pace medal.

“The Point on your doorstep project has been a fantastic way to keep in touch with and support our young people during the centre’s closure,” said Kate-Marie.

“I would like to thank my amazing staff team who have worked so hard during this time to ensure we still provide young people with fun and support.

” A big thank you to all the young people who let us visit them – although it was a strange time, we had great fun!”

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