Youth Forum….Youth Work Week Wales 2022….5 ways to wellbeing

POINT in partnership with Pembrokeshire Youth, are delighted to be home toThe North Youth’ (TNY) which is the in house youth forum at the Popworks building.

The North Youth provides an opportunity for young people to feedback on how POINT is run and to have a voice in their community they live in.

The forum is run by the North Youth Members who meet twice a month to discuss ideas for the centre, talk about what’s going well, what’s not going well and anything they would like to see happen at POINT and Youth Club. To give the group a sense of identity, the group members named their youth forum and designed their own logo – which you can see below.

The North Youth have recently been looking at young people’s right to vote and how important it is for young people to have their voice heard.

During the local elections, TNY took part in Project vote, the parallel elections for young people in Wales. This was for young people aged 11-16. This session enabled the forum members to look at candidates standing in their local area and were able to learn more about what their county council does and how its decisions affect them, while also having the opportunity to research their local candidates and to vote for a party or independent candidate. This was enjoyed by the young people and got them very engaged. The all Wales results of Project Vote can be viewed here.

We are proud that the youth forum advocates for the 5 Ways to wellbeing by connecting young people together, taking notice of their surroundings and working together to improve them and to keep young people learning.

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