Weather Station POINT’s in the right direction

POINT are happy to host Fishguard’s first weather station. Gifted and implemented by the DATRIS project (a digital community focussed project housed within PLANED), the weather station was launched and went live on the 16th of October 2019.  The launch coincided with Get Online Week: a nationwide initiative focussing on the encouragement of communities and individuals to utilise the internet and digital technology to their advantage.

The weather station has formed part of POINT’s ‘Creating Connections’ Intergenerational Project which aims to support members of the community with their digital technology needs, whilst upskilling and developing young people as volunteer ‘Digital Champions’.

Helen Bingham, Youth Skills Development Officer (coordinator of the Pembrokeshire County Council funded Creating Connections Project) said of the weather station “This has been such a wonderful opportunity for our young digital champions and the project itself as we’ve got involved in something that is pioneering in the locality. It’s an exciting digital development for us as an organisation which will leave a legacy for the Creating Connections project, but moreso, is of benefit for the community of Fishguard who can now access live weather data from their doorstep.”

The weather station captures live data including temperature, rainfall, windspeed, pressure and humidity.  Fishguard’s weather station is 1 of 3 throughout Pembrokeshire; the others are ‘housed’ within Narberth and Hill Mountain.  All 3 of the stations have been gifted and implemented by the DATRIS project and POINT have been fortunate to have been supported by Project Coordinator John Ewart and Project Assistant Ben Davies (pictured with Helen Bingham).

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